Flash Detector System: FLADE-R1

Easy to use detection subsystem for evaluation of new instrument designs for position location, characterization and analysis of infrared flash events.


Key Features:

  • USB powered dual sensor flash detector
  • Dual, angled, IR sensors provide angle to flash (within a single plane)
  • AC coupled, Matched filter processing to detect flash events in the 1 to several millisecond range
    • Improves rejection of spurious environmental IR events
  • Software control of sensor gain
    • Allows matching of the two sensor channels
    • System can be tailored to range of expected flash events
  • Software control of trigger set point.
    • False error rate is based on trigger threshold setting
  • Software provides amplitude and angle output as well as a time record of the flash event
  • Small 3.6” x 1.4” form factor
  • Detector preamp boards have sockets for quick removal and replacement of IR detectors
  • Windows drivers and software : XP and later
  • Kit Includes:
    • FLADE-R1 Development Board
    • USB Cable
    • Two (2) Non-cooled PbS or PbSe detectors
    • Software with Users Manual


  • Muzzle flash detection
  • Active Protection Systems

Power Requirements:

  • 5.0 Volts, USB power only