PbSe 3 Watt Cooled Photoconductive IR Detectors

TE Cooled Infrared Detectors with Fast Response and Ultra-High Sensitivity in the 1 – 5.5 um Wavelength Band
Ambient Temperature: +25°C
Detector Operating Temperature see model types below
Typical Cooler Power at or near Max. Cooling: 1.8 volts @ 1.2 amps
Standard Specifications – Electrical
All detector specifications are at a bias voltage of 35 V/mm distance between electrodes applied across the detector and with a one MegOhm load resistor in series. All specifications apply at or near maximum cooling with the heat sink @ +25°C.
  Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Wavelength of Max. Response 4.3 4.5   µm
D*(λpk, 1050 Hz, 1 Hz) 2.0 x 1010 3.5 x 1010   cm Hz1/2 w-1
Element Resistance (Dark) 1.0 6.0 20.0 MegOhm
Time Constant (not typically measured)   12 25 µsec
Rated Element Temperature     +85 °C
Delta T at or near Max. Cooling   SEE BELOW   °C

For square or rectangular element sizes and/or packages not listed, please contact us: (707) 620-0160, Info@irmatl.com
When using the table below, remove parenthesis and insert appropriate designation for package type in the space. Example: 6 for TO-66, 8 for TO-8.

Model Number Element
Responsivity (lpk, 1050) v/w Operating Temp Standard Package Options
Minimum Typical
B1-( )C4T 1 x 1 126,000 190,000 -50°C TO-66, TO-8
B2-( )C4T 2 x 2 63,000 95,000 -50°C TO-66, TO-8
B3-( )C4T 3 x 3 38,000 56,000 -45°C TO-66, TO-8
B6-( )C2T 6 x 6 18,000 27,000 -25°C TO-66, TO-8
* Minimum D*(lpk, 1050, 1) >1.5 x 1010 cm Hz1/2 w-1*
  • To specify thermistor option for all TE cooled detectors, add the suffix -T or -TC (calibrated) to the model number.

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