Gas Analyzer Development System

The Gas Analyzer Development System is designed to help system designers quickly evaluate the performance and attributes of a photoconductor-based sensor subassembly, driven solely by USB power.  The user must specify the detector material of interest and choose between standard or customized filters for each channel to match the application requirements.


Key Features:

  • USB power operation
  • Discreet channel isolation
  • High pulse rate MEMS IR emitter
    • Emissivity > 0.8
    • Modulation frequency adjustable up to 100 Hz
    • Lifetime of 25,000 hours
  • Cooled and non-cooled versions available
  • Available with standard or customized filters
  • Kit Includes:
    • Detector drive circuitry (2 board set)
    • PbS or PbSe 4-element (Quad) discreet channel detector
    • MEMS emitter with control circuitry
    • USB cable & Trigger cable
    • Software and Users Manual


  • Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) gas measurement

Power Requirements:

  • 5.0 Volts, USB Power