Array USB Controller Board

The LMAC-PC06 is a complete acquisition system for use with PbS and PbSe photoconductive array detectors.

The on board microcontroller provides all signals needed to operate the array. Operation and calibration of the per pixel dark current skimmers is handled by the DLL and the array microcontroller. The LMAC is designed to attach via a ribbon cable to a simple personality board for the packaged array. The dual board system separates the acquisition function (upper board) from the TE cooler controller (lower board).


Key Features:

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface through Mini B USB connector
  • 256 pixel arrays supported
  • Integrated TE Cooler Controller with 5mK stability
  • Windows DLL Software Interface
  • On board NVRAM remembers last settings
  • External trigger input to control start of integration time
  • FLASH upgradable firmware
  • Ethernet 100Mbs in development
  • Output trigger for shutter control
  • Dimensions: 3.60” x 3.45”
  • 30 pin, dual row, 0.1” pitch header for ribbon cable interface
  • Interface boards available for LCC and Tub array packages

Data Acquisition Unit:

  • 16 bit A/D Converter
  • 2.5V signal swing
  • 15V 1.6A supply required (powers TE cooler also)
  • >1000 Frames per second in block grab mode
  • Digitally controlled integration time 10us to 100ms
  • Crystal controlled time base

TE Controller Unit:

  • Analog PWM controller for high efficiency
  • 2.5 A peak current
  • 4.1 V peak voltage
  • Bidirectional drive (heats and cools)
  • LC filter creates near DC conditions across TE element
  • Set point digitally controllable
  • Self-monitoring for thermal runaway; with auto shut down
  • Dimensions: 3.60” x “2.18”, soldered beneath main board